February 25, 2018
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We are AFSCME!

AFSCME’s 1.6 million members provide the vital services that make America happen. With members in hundreds of different occupations — from nurses to corrections officers, child care providers to sanitation workers — AFSCME advocates for fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services and prosperity and opportunity for all working families.

AFSCME is growing. Hundreds of thousands of workers without union representation have voted to join with us through our successful organizing efforts. With AFSCME, more public service workers than ever enjoy job protection, an improved standard of living, economic security in retirement and a strong voice at work.

We are AFSCME and we are proud of our strength and past successes. But we cannot rest now. We must continue to raise our voices and we must continue to fight for America’s working families. We invite you to learn more about AFSCME's 75 Years of History.

Why join AFSCME?

As AFSCME members, we have the power to make a difference. By joining together, AFSCME members have clout at the ballot box, in the halls of government and at the bargaining table. AFSCME is one of the nation’s most powerful advocates for working families.

AFSCME negotiates strong contracts, wins wage increases, protects jobs, settles grievances, stops privatization, and fights for health, retirement and other benefits for members from every field of public service. As AFSCME members, we receive expert assistance from knowledgeable staff, top-notch negotiators and experienced attorneys.

Why do I need a union now?

Big corporations and anti-worker politicians are attacking public employees and the services we provide. Their goal is simple: privatize our jobs, strip us of our rights and dismantle the public sector. They’re going after our wages, our pensions and our health care. And in 2005, newly elected governors in Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri took away the bargaining rights of all state employees. This can happen anywhere.

In Washington, D.C., and in state capitols across the country, it’s the same old thing: politicians side with the rich and powerful, and neglect the needs of middle-class families.

Whether you are a public employee or work for a private company providing public services, we have to act now to stop the right-wing rush to lower our wages and benefits and eliminate our rights. That’s why building a strong union is so important now, CONTACT US today.

Who is in AFSCME?

AFSCME’s members provide the vital services that make America happen. We are nurses, corrections officers, child care providers, EMTs and sanitation workers. Many AFSCME members have special training or are certified in their respective fields.

Who runs AFSCME?

We do. AFSCME is run by its members. Every member has a vote in the election of local union officers and board members. We negotiate our contracts, which must be approved by members. Each local union has its own constitution and governing documents. Members decide on policies, activities and dues. And as AFSCME members, we are protected by our Members’ Bill of Rights.

How can we get more power on the job?

Yes. With AFSCME, workers have improved their jobs and the services they provide. AFSCME has negotiated more than 8,000 written agreements with better pay, benefits and working conditions. Employment standards vary from state to state and community to community, but AFSCME is familiar — and experienced — with all of them.

By working together in our own workplace and building on the strength of 1.4 million members across the country, we win strong contracts and protect our jobs. The challenges we face are enormous. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, employers are attacking our pensions, politicians are cutting budgets at the expense of public service workers, and our jobs are under direct attack by those who seek to privatize and outsource work to the lowest bidder. The only way we can win is to mobilize our membership to fight against these attacks and grow by organizing other public service workers.

How does AFSCME reach out to workers who are not union members?

By organizing — helping unorganized workers form unions with AFSCME — we can become stronger. AFSCME recruits and trains the best organizers in the country, mobilizes dedicated volunteers and applies cutting-edge strategies and old fashioned hard work to strengthen and expand our membership. By organizing with AFSCME, workers win new rights and benefits. Learn More by CONTACTING US today!

Why is organizing important?

Organizing and growing gives us more power. Despite AFSCME’s successes, union membership is down nationwide, even in the public sector. And with state budgets getting tighter, politicians will look for ways to reduce public-sector payrolls. Unless we organize, the percentage of workers represented by unions will decline, which will weaken our bargaining power. The more members our union has, the more powerful we are in the workplace and with the politicians who make decisions that affect our work and lives.

Does organizing new workers help existing members?

Yes, since we launched our new organizing program, more than 400,000 newly organized workers joined with AFSCME. By growing, we’re able to negotiate stronger contracts and can offer better services and benefits for members. Strength comes from an active and large membership, so we’ve got to get bigger by helping workers form new unions with AFSCME. Now, more than ever, it’s important that our voices be heard on Capitol Hill, and by our state and local governments. Learn More by CONTACTING US today!

How AFSCME Works

AFSCME has approximately 3,400 local unions and 58 councils and affiliates in 46 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Every local writes its own constitution, designs its own structure, elects its own officers and sets its own dues.

The International Union, based in Washington, DC, coordinates the union’s actions on major national issues such as privatization, fair taxes and health care. The International also provides resources to councils and local unions for organizing, bargaining, political action and education, and administers members-only benefits. Every two years, delegates to AFSCME’s International Convention decide on the union’s basic policies. Every four years they elect the International Union’s President, Secretary-Treasurer and 35 regional vice presidents.

AFSCME's Special National Bodies

United Nurses of America United Nurses of America

The 60,000-member United Nurses of America (UNA) fights to ensure that professional nurses retain their rightful voice in the health care system as astute caregivers and advocates for quality care.
AFSCME Corrections United AFSCME Corrections United

AFSCME Corrections United (ACU) gives 85,000 corrections officers and personnel a vehicle dedicated to the problems of working in the nation’s prisons. ACU is a powerful lobbying force at state and federal levels on such issues privatization, safety and health, staffing levels and survivor benefits.
AFSCME Retirees AFSCME Retirees

More than 240,000 men and women belong to AFSCME Retirees, a nationwide program that enable them to fight effectively for common goals such as preserving Social Security and improved retirement benefits.
Child Care Providers Together Child Care Providers Together

Child Care Providers Together was founded and is run by home-based child care providers, who believe every child deserves the best early care and education. By joining together in CCPT, providers gain more control over their work, access to benefits and greater respect as professionals.


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